The first piece here stands in the Memorial Chapel in Old Saint Paul’s, the church I attended in Edinburgh. It is made of beech and spalted beech, finished with oil and wax. Front and back are alike, for use in the round.

It chanced to get reviewed in The Bulletin of Art and Christianity Enquiry, October 2006, which described it as ‘brilliantly respecting the architectural context… self-effacing and very elegant… a wonderfully confident example of liturgical furnishing at its best’.

The Abbey School altar is of oak, and its arches pick up on forms elsewhere in the room. It is inscribed (see the ‘Inscriptions’ section of this site) as a memorial of the donor’s mother.

The next altar is for a local church. It is of a design I have made several times, but here the arches are of a different shape, picking up on forms elsewhere in the church. It stands in the Lady Chapel.

Then there’s a portable, folding altar, for use in settings such as care homes. It is light weight and fits easily in the back of a small car.

Finally the triangular one is for an uniquely shaped chapel. The vicar decided upon the size and shape, and commissioned me to create something within those unusual contraints. It is made of beech and spalted beech.