Though I style myself a cabinet maker, the minority of my creations are actually cabinets, but here are a few.

Firstly a display cabinet which stands in the Oxford Museum of Natural History. It is on wheels and the end leaves lift up to form a large display area. Look closely and you’ll see that the decoration around the doors match the two-tone stone arches.

Next is a TV cabinet in oak. I put different coloured corners on it. My customers can rarely be tempted to furniture with more than one colour in it, but well handled I think it can look very good.

After this is a pair of pieces consisting of a boot locker below a stand with coat hooks with a shelf at above for hats. They are in oak with a pale finish.

The glass cabinets are in black walnut with lights fitted inside.

The bedside cabinet is made of an unusual wood, coubaril. The chequered top is in ash and black walnut veneers with ebony stringing.

Lastly a dresser in ash. It is built in two parts.