The first two tables shown here were designed to display things my customers already owned: a beautiful brass plate from the far east and some glass artworks from Australia. In both cases my customers approached me wanting their pieces built into a table top, but the octagonal table was my design, the rectangular one was my customer’s. 

Next is a large dining table in quartersawn English oak, which is a lovely timber, though a little hard to get. (It’s an unusual shape and size. I learnt that the customer’s family used to meet each Christmas around the only table large enough for them all – a ping-pong table. So that’s the size they went for.)

The coffee table is in oak with a cat’s paw veneer top. There are also a couple of little tables to stand at the side of armchairs.

The kitchen table is in parana pine. Not everything needs to have a cunning or original design!

Finally an occasional table with a chequered top and one in spalted beech.

It was after making the little round table in spalted beech that I decided to become a professional cabinet maker. Though I say it myself, it is beautiful.