Pulford School is a Church of England primary school attached to the church where I worshipped when I lived in Bedfordshire. This piece stands at the focus of their assemblies, so it’s a moot point whether it really is an altar or just a table.

It is made from sycamore, a little used wood which I like for architectural pieces such as this: it is pale, and carves crisply, like a softer, woodier Portland stone.

Sycamore grows like a weed in Britain, and is generally treated as a nuisance, and used for firewood or thrown away. This is a great shame, as its cool finish is ideal for a modern, light feel.

The table (or altar) was made to mark the school’s 300th anniversary, and features an inscription and a simplified version of the school crest on a central medallion.

As with all my designs I produced it in collaboration with my customer. I’m happy to say they like the finished product very much.