I draw on a wide experience of church life to make a speciality of ecclesiastical furniture. Currently I am a church warden of All Saints Parish Church, Leighton Buzzard. In the past I have worshipped with the Church of Scotland in St Andrews, and the Scottish Episcopal Church in Edinburgh. I also have links with the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other churches.

Every piece in my church furnishing portfolio is unique. In designing them I work closely with the priest or minister and other church members. Often they are gifted in memory of loved ones who have passed away; if so then the wishes of the bereaved are of great importance.

All my work is made to be beautiful, elegant and practical; to complement and enhance its surroundings; to last long into the future; and to be a treasured memorial to anyone to whose memory it is dedicated.

The portfolio is not a catalogue of what I offer, but a selection of what I have made in the past. I am always pleased to make something completely different.

Whatever it is you are after, please do get in touch. Even if you have only a hazy idea of what you require or what might be possible, I would be glad to help you work something out.