My background

I have been trying to make things ever since I was old enough to pick up my father’s tools and break them. What you may see on this site is the fruit of decades of sporadic creativity and then over 15 years of making furniture, once I decided to try and make my living doing something I liked and felt I could be good at.

What I offer

All my work is made to be beautiful, elegant and practical; to complement and enhance its surroundings; and to last long into the future.

Every piece is unique. In designing new ones I am happy to work closely to your requirements, or to take a very general idea and come up with a concrete plan.

The portfolio is not a catalogue of what I offer, but just a selection of what I have made in the past. I am always pleased to make something completely different.

My inspirations are various, form the Arts & Crafts movement and Shaker furniture to Venetian Gothic and English church furniture.

Home furnishings →

What would you like? And what would you like your home to feel like? The first of these questions might have a simple, practical answer (‘a desk surface fitting in this corner’) and I will be happy to help. The second question is woollier, but may be no less important. I will work with you to come up with something that will suit you and your home (and your budget).

Church furnishings →

These are a speciality. I have a wide experience of church life, which I believe gives me insight into how church furnishings are used and how they may contribute to worship. Many of the pieces are made for medieval C of E buildings, but I have employed a variety of styles in different settings. The church furnishings section showcases a range of my work.

I also have experience of the Byzantine processes of the Church of England.

Desiderata – things I’d like to make →

There are things I’ve never made but would relish the chance to create. So this site has an addendum to my portfolio, a prompt for potential customers. ‘It could be you.’ ‘Because you’re worth it.’ ‘Naughty but Nice.’ Pick your own slogan and tempt yourself to something special.

Enquiries and prices

Whatever it is you are after, please do get in touch. Even if you have only a hazy idea of what you require or what might be possible, I would be glad to help you work something out.

My prices are very competitive, though it is not possible to give them here as everything is individually designed and made. I am able to tailor designs to fit budgets, and as I am not VAT registered your money will go a little further than you might think.

Enquiries and prices