Firstly a little detail of a book case in my own home, together with a small part of my PG Wodehouse collection.  Most of my work is in a natural wood finish, with no more than a little oil and wax for protection and lustre, however I often feel that built-in furniture is better painted, as this will tend to make the room feel more spacious and airy.

Secondly bookcases either side of a fireplace. Filling the gaps either side of a chimney breast is something I’ve done quite a number of times.

Thirdly there’s an image with a free-standing bookcase in the foreground and behind that another narrow one and a cupboard, which conceals a boiler and coat hooks. The narrow bookcase in the side of this cupboard is not only practical, but disguises the fact that there’s a large cupboard built into the corner of this sitting room.

Sometimes I paint the pieces myself, sometimes I recommend getting a professional decorator to do the job. My painting is competent, but rarely faultless. You may wish to save money by doing the painting yourself.

Next come some shelves (and panelling) in an 18th century house. Previously the room was panelled like a sauna, 1970’s style. The transformation is complete

After that are some shelves and cupboards which conceal a washing machine and dryer. The break-fronted design enables these large things to be contained in a cupboard which is not excessively big.

The flying bed is in a small but tall room. A very effective use of space, and cosy too.

Finally some oak panelling. The frame is solid oak, the panels are oak-veneered MDF. I also fitted the bookcases, door et al. The picture’s a little uninspiring, but the customer was very pleased: the first lot of feedback here is the relevant one.