Who doesn’t like a library? Most of these are quite small, and don’t perhaps merit such a grand title, but the feel of a library can be attained even in quite a small area.

So firstly a collection of books about railways tucked into an otherwise inconvenient space in the centre of a modern house. Then a collection of books about theology, in bookcases of similar style, followed by a detail of the top. I have returned to this design a few times: it is simple, timeless and uncluttered, but with just a touch of distinction.

Next an eccentric pair in a neo-Egyptian-Venetian-Gothic style, with hints of an onion dome, or possibly the Taj Mahal. These mark a moment when I had time to make something for myself, and when my wife was (quite reasonably) getting fed up with the ever expanding stacks of books filling our house. They are made of cherry.

And a modern one, just to show I can when required. They look very good in situ.

Then a  fake bookcase, which is the door to a toy cupboard. This was fun to make. Volume IV of the works of Moliere is glued in upside-down. One of the little girls whose toys will be in this cupboard wanted to know why. I couldn’t explain, but it was just better that way.

Next is an image of a Jacobean style bookcase with strapwork, fluting and frieze (see highlighted project) in English oak. This too was a very rewarding job.

And finally some more rather gothic set of shelves, some of which stand above a radiator.